Weather & Climate

For your trip and your ride

Weather and Climate for your TRIP

Uganda is on the equator and has a tropical climate with wet seasons and dry seasons. We’ve chosen December for the event because that’s the very beginning of the dry season. That should mean we won’t get much rain, but it also won’t be unbearably hot and dry, our surroundings will still be green and lush.

At this time of year the days are sunny and hot, with temperatures rising to high 20s (degrees C), and the evenings are cool. The sun rises at 7am and sets at 7pm.

Weather and Climate for your RIDE

Your ride will cover 100km and two very different climates. Down in the valley the air is hot and still, rain is unlikely. Up around the Lodge, the altitude means the air is cooler, there is more vegetation and a higher chance of rain (but still a low chance at this time of year). If it does rain, the local clay tracks may become slippery but water drains incredibly quickly from them. 

You will be exposed to the sun for a long time, wear sunscreen and dress appropriately for a warm ride.

What to Wear on the Trip

Wear clothes appropriate for hot weather. Bring waterproofs just in case and warmer layers for the evenings. There is a lake that is safe for swimming and a swimming pool too, so don’t forget your bathing suit.

If you are travelling to other parts of Uganda, women are often expected to keep their thighs covered (long shorts, knee-length skirts or trousers or example). Fort Portal is a liberal part of Uganda so that’s not necessary on this trip.